Will I Fail A Drug Test If I Take CBD Supplements?

Individuals suffering from life changing ailments such as cancer or seizures now have the legal option to treat themselves with medically prescribed canabis in many different states. In the everyday life of an adult, most individuals work for a living and most jobs these days require employees to pass a drug screening test for initial employment and possibly even at random throughout the course of employment with the company.

Can Medically Prescribed CBD Supplements Cause An Individual To Fail A Drug Test?

This becomes a very valid question for individuals in the workface who face pre-employment or at random drug testing with a company. In most cases, urine drug screening tests that companies use follow the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration guidelines for the screening process. These tests generally do not pick up on trace amounts of the supplement due to the cross reactivity between the cannabinoid and THC being very limited.

What If I Am A Heavy User?

In some cases, very heavy users of CBD supplements can potentially test positive on an initial urine drug screening test. This is due to the fact that test will just flag the potential of THC in the system and will require another test that is overall more accurate and can rule out false positives from the first test. This scenario is only applicable to individuals who use a very large amount of the supplement such as 1 or 2 grams per day.

Ways To Ensure Urine Drug Tests Will Not Come Back Positive

It is imperative for individuals to only use reputable brands of CBD supplements to ensure that the supplement is not in fact contaminated with THC. The best way to ensure that the supplemnts being taken do not contain THC is to only obtain the supplement from a regulated, legal source. Black market sources can be contaminated, unregulated and in fact have large amounts of THC in the supplement causing an individual to fail a drug test.Overall, as long as a supplement is obtained from a legal, regulated source, individuals should not test positive on a urine drug screening test. If a positive comes back, a second screening of the urine can rule out the false positive and return the true negative for the test.