Unconventional uses for Hemp Oil?



Florida board certified physician, Allan Zubkin provides us with an interesting perspective on how the use of hemp oil can actually be used in addiction rehabilitation.

Let’s back it up a few years to when a friend of mine was going through the withdrawal symptoms of a strong prescription pain medicine habit he was trying to kick. I remember him being anxious, nauseous, unable to sleep and even suffering from mild panic attacks. I would feel sympathetic for him because even though he was overcome by the handcuff of addiction, no one should have to suffer the pain he was suffering while actively trying to quit.

You can imagine my surprise when I came across this interview with Dr. Allan Zubkin on the Gabriel’s Promise: CBD, MMJ, Hemp Wellness Education, Youtube channel.     Dr. Zubkin treats those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, stating that he uses hemp oil (also referred to as CBD oil) to treat his patient’s withdrawal symptoms. In the past, many of us would have wondered how is it possible to treat addiction, with another drug? But as we become more educated on nature’s remedies, we’re seeing the extreme benefits of cannabis and how the extracted oils are not a harmful drug and have a plethora of uses.

Gabriel’s Promise: CBD, MMJ, Hemp Wellness Education, Youtube channel

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The comforting thing about hemp oil (CBD) is that there was a tremendous amount of research performed prior to making it readily available to the public as a health supplement. Scientists have found that there are endocannabinoid receptors in the brain that work in conjunction with the limbic system which is the brain’s emotional system. When it comes to an individual recovering from addiction, you often witness behaviors such as irritability, depression, and even social anxiety; these are all behaviors controlled within the limbic system.


While not yet approved by the FDA, we know that hemp oil is being used as a treatment for a myriad of different ailments ranging from epilepsy to cancer. What if this product is truly the life-saver that many have deemed it to be? What if the answer has been “planted” in front of us for centuries yet we are allowing for the societal stigma of cannabis and hemp to stunt our progress?

CBD Benefits

There’s an old saying that goes like this, “opinions are like…”, well, you get the hint. My opinion however is this; if we are willing to give prescription medicine to those suffering from pain, seizures, anxiety, etc, and the side effects can alter the way you act or even move (thus making you “high”)…why not use natural hemp oils which have a very low THC property and a high, beneficial CBD property without any real psychoactive effects? In a perfect world, we will learn to accept nature’s loyalty to us; until then, you and I will continue on our pursuit to educate the masses.




Author: Healthy Hemp