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    Just wanted to post on Charlotte’s Web.  My Daughter is 37 years old and started having seizures at the age of six and they were not controlled.  After several years of medications, testing, surgery and almost going crazy with no outcomes.  My Son said we need to do something she is not herself nor getting any better (which we saw her dying inside and out).  Doctors wrote her off after experimental medications and surgery (trying to give psych medications to add to all the other medications they were giving her).  He bought her CBD oil and now she is very healthy, alive and having very few break through seizures.   She is alive again and we are so very happy.  After much research I have ordered Charlotte’s Web from Healthy Hemp and I am truly a very happy customer.  The customer service is the best and I am a very, very happy customer.  Thank you Charlotte’s Web and thank you Healthy Hemp for making this available to me with all my heart.  (One happy parent!)  :)

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    My story with Charlotte’s Web
    Thanks to Charlotte’s Web, basically my seizures have reduced in a 60-80%, especially the absence seizures. CBD is now is part of my daily basis in my new “ALMOST SEIZURE FREE” thanks to Charlotte’s Web. Healthy Hemp is a great supplier of Charlotte’s Web and SPECIALLY a PERFECT delivery estimate.

    My story without Charlotte’s Web
    The year was 1998, I was thirteen and had many dreams. I finished elementary school with excellent grades and had been accepted into a very competitive high school. My free time was spent practicing tennis and playing in official tournaments, where I was considered among the best in the category to which I belonged. My success lead me to dream of making further progress in the sport so I could become a champion, and get a scholarship to study veterinary medicine in college. At age 13 life is full of possibilities, and I sought them all, but I was about to learn that sometimes we are faced with the task of maneuvering circumstances that challenge those possibilities, and in their process test our ability to persevere. With my whole future ahead of me I entered into teenage-hood, ready to discover who I was as a person in the process. Then one day, as I prepared to go to school, I unexpectedly experienced my first seizure. It was a tonic-clonic and
    complex partial seizure. I was confused and disoriented. My parents did not know what was happening, and took me to a hospital very scared. The doctors told us that I had a seizure, and that simple statement ushered the beginning of many changes in my life for myself and for my
    whole family. I stopped being a student of outstanding grades and became a student with learning difficulties. It was disappointing
    to no longer be defined by the same academic excellence which had been a part of who I was until that point. I could not continue playing tennis or compete at tournament level because playing required a great deal of concentration that became a burden; it was an effort that I could not tolerate. The side effects of the medication made me gain many pounds, affecting my athleticism. My identity as I knew it was being challenged from all fronts and as a result I started to become depressed. It was too much to handle for a thirteen-year-old boy. My dream of becoming a professional tennis player slowly vanished, and with it the possibility of a scholarship for the higher education I aspired to. Despite this, I refused to be defined by my circumstances – my heart was stronger than that – and after three years of psychiatric help, changing schools and the unfailing support of my family I was able to finish high school. My dreams began reforming as I got back on track, and for the first time in a long time I began to see the light of hope at the end of the tunnel. I was ready to try to achieve my other dream of becoming a veterinarian and was accepted to the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus program in Animal Science. I moved away from home, without the direct support of my parents who bravely let me go. Completing my undergraduate studies came with its own deal of difficulty, but perseverance continued to be present as a character trait of mine, and after seven years and much effort I earned my bachelor’s degree. Throughout this time my partial seizures continued almost every day, and tonic-clonic seizures once a month. The reality of studying veterinary medicine while also struggling with epilepsy made me realize this dream may not be reached as I originally hoped, but perspective allowed me to look forward for new opportunities to come. Today I am 31 years old and I have found the balance of making difficult choices for the wellbeing of my health and the fulfillment of my dreams. I feel I have found my way in life. Recognizing my limitations, I have reshaped my goal of becoming a professional tennis player through discovering and developing my abilities as an instructor of the sport. Whenever I have the opportunity I share my experiences with other people who also have epilepsy about how to feel more integrated in society. I also seek to educate others on this condition so it could be better understood and de-stigmatized in the process. Epilepsy does not have to be the end of dreams. The future for the 21st century and global communication should be for human beings with epilepsy to learn how to recognize and manage the condition, and not be ashamed or embarrassed of it. Strength of heart can conquer all, for it is in the heart that perseverance lives and thrives, and allows us to achieve our dream

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    Thank you for sharing your story and life experience. My daughter is 30 and developed epilepsy 3 years ago. She has grand mal’s about once a month and small seizures daily. Medication is harsh on her and seems to do very little to help. I was introduced to Charlotte’s Web products by a friend. We ordered Everyday Pure Hemp Extract Oil 200 Olive Oil. We thought this was a good product to start with but I wonder if she needs a stronger dosage. It’s only been a few days so it’s too soon to say.

    What dosage did you start with and what are you taking now? How long did you take this product before you saw any results?
    Thank you for any reply and Thank you again for sharing your incredible and encouraging story. djg65

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    Thanks for reading my story. During the first 7 months I took a dosage of 0.5ml two times a day. I saw a significantly reduction of absence seizures, basically none. Later on I decided to increased the dosage of 0.5ml to three times a day. Seizures reduced, not as much I expected, but felt much better. Physically more energized and mentally more alert, which was an amazing thing for me because of the “short term memory” I hated so much.

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