Parkinson’s disease

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    I have been helped by cbd oil. I use the 500 mg drops every time I take my pd Meds. After approx 3-4 weeks I found it lifted my spirits and eliminated 95% of my depression. It stopped all the vivid dreams and allows me to sleep sound anywhere from 3-5 hours. I take Meds every 2 hours during waking hours and whenever I awaken during the night. I feel it has enhanced my cognitive side and aided in lessening my pain and stiffness. It has eliminated any constipation problems. I don’t measure.  I just use about a third of the dropper each dose. It may make you sleepy but won’t knock you out. I am home for the most part so it is easy for me to dose. If I’m not well like now I’m sporting a nasty head cold I tend to use more. I go through about 2 bottles a week. There are no side effects other than what I have mentioned. Oh also I also deal with intestinal spasms. The cbd had pretty much stopped these also.

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