Spot Treat Pain With CW Infused Topical Gel Pen?


Quit being a pain in the neck and everywhere else!

I’ve been an athlete all my life, from wrestling, to playing football, basketball, running a fitness bootcamp, to now regularly working out 3-4 times per week. Pain is nothing new to me. I remember the first time I felt real pain was when I was growing up in the inner city and I got jumped by three guys in the 11th grade…that’s a story for another day and topic, ha ha.

At the age of 30 I found myself experiencing severe knee pain in my right knee as a result of a knee injury I had sustained 15 years prior. I didn’t think anything of it, I went to the doctor, he scheduled me for surgery and just like that, I had a pretty good knee again. At the age of 32 I decided to try my hand at semi pro football, I’ll admit, I wasn’t the best at it due in part to my aging body but I remember the day after practice or a game, I was sore to the point of crying, especially in my joints (knees, elbows, wrists). I wish we were educated then to the point of education we’re at now. 7 years later, I’m 39 years old, still keeping in shape and I have to say; my post workout/activity pain is minimal to gone.

Spot treat the pain?

Several months ago I had the privilege of meeting Mandy Witters, the young entrepreneur and owner of Healthy Hemp. During our first meeting, she gave me a few samples of a hemp oil brand called Charlottes Web, developed by a company known as CW Botanicals. I had never seen anything like this; I mean, I’ve always known that hemp, and cannabinoids could do some pretty amazing things for the body from the testimonies I’d heard, but I never imagined I would be such a believer.

The sample pack she gave me included, a 30ML tincture of Mint Chocolate Charlotte’s Web hemp oil, a Mint Chocolate Charlottes Web vape pen, and a topical gel pen. While I tried everything, the one thing that intrigued me the most was this topical gel pen. How did it work? What was it used for?


The Science

From what I understand, this topical gel pen “technology” is most effective when it’s applied on a non fatty part of the body. In my case I use the underside of my wrists. When applying the gel on this area, it’s said to penetrate the skin transdermally and enter the blood stream. I’m not a doctor, nor am I a scientist, I’m simply a guy from Pennsylvania that stepped out of his comfort zone to try something, and it actually worked! What I love most is that it’s designed to give you the perfect dosage without fail every single time. Once it absorbs through the skin, the botanical hemp extract properties begin to work in many different ways, mainly by reducing joint inflammation, hence the feeling of less joint pain!


Different Uses

While I can only speak to the fact that I experience little to no joint pain when I apply this on my wrists daily; I’ve also heard of people using it to calm them during episodes of anxiety. Being that this product is not FDA approved, I can’t make claims, therefore, I’ll let you do the research to see if it will help with whatever other ailments you might be suffering. The fine folks at CW Botanicals and The Realm of Caring, are really good at answering questions regarding uses of hemp oil for health benefits and treatments.


Where to buy it

I’ve become a firm believer in the benefits of hemp oil, and I found my home with Healthy Hemp. Their prices, customer service, what they stand for, and their commitment to excellence is unparalleled. The fact that I can find them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter; the fact that they have an easy to use app available for both iPhone and Android markets, and the fact that their website is extremely easy to navigate, all make for amazing and valid reasons as to why I won’t purchase my Charlottes Web topical gel pen anywhere else!