Smartphone Apps Are Taking Over The World!


Why are we writing an article about apps?

Healthy Hemp isn’t only on the cutting edge of the hemp oil industry, but we’re on the cutting edge of pretty much everything!

At least we’d like to think we are…

In August of 2013, AdAge released an article stating that U.S. adults spend more time on digital devices than they do watching television. The average American adult watches 5 hours of TV per day while the average time spent on a digital device (smartphone, tablet, etc) is well over that amount. These numbers reflect adult usage which is only a fraction of the teenage population usage. So now do you see why smartphone apps interest us?

We live in a microwave society

Let’s rewind a few years back when things started becoming much more convenient. Some of those breakthroughs include fast, luxury air travel, the microwave oven, and cellular phones. Then this huge information highway known as the internet was made available to the public in the early 90’s and our lives changed as we knew it. If we have to research something, we no longer go to our huge collection of the Encyclopedia Britannica, instead we simply “Google” it. We Google it so much that it has been coined as a phrase each time we have a question without an answer. This vast informative universe has planted it’s value so deep into our hearts that we now have trouble imagining life without it.



Enter the smartphone

The true breakthrough was when smartphone developers found a way to not only bring the internet into the palm of your hand, but to make the internet available at the touch of a single button! Of course this started in the form of games, utilities such as calculators, and clocks, but it quickly grew into a way for businesses to make their services available at the tap of a “button” (but in reality it’s an icon and that’s a whole other blog ha ha).

Companies began to understand the value of instant access and convenience. I understood this value when an app developer explained it me like this…he said, “imagine you go to the mall to purchase a white button-up shirt at a particular store, but when you arrive at the mall, there are 7 other stores you must walk past that also sell white button-up shirts. Chances are you’re going to stop in one of those other 7 stores to make your purchase because it’s easier”. As living creatures, we automatically take the path of least resistance and convenience. Our business is the same way. If we have a product that other people have and we make the consumer go online to purchase it, there’s a chance that the consumer may click elsewhere and purchase from another merchant.

Enter the app

As a young entrepreneur, I decided it was time to bring my company to my customer’s fingertips instead of making them take the time to find me. Let’s say you need hemp oil right away and you have our app…it’s now as simple as tapping the icon, selecting the “products” tab, selecting your supplement, purchase it, and BAM; you’re done before the commercials interrupting your favorite show are finished! The Healthy Hemp commitment is first and foremost focused on you, our valued customer.

Our app now gives you instant access to the best and most trusted hemp oil such as Charlotte’s Web. Through our app, you’re also able to purchase all products that are available on our website, get special discounts and coupon codes, be the first to know about new products, have instant access to our social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, our message board community, instant email access for any questions you want answered before ordering, and much more!



How to us it

We know that our customers are of many different age demographics and familiarity therefore we’ve decided to create two tutorial videos that show you how to install/download the app onto your smartphone and use it whether you are on an iPhone or Android device. 

Instructions for iPhone:


Instructions for Android:

We hope you make the most of our app as it’s been designed especially for your use. At Healthy Hemp we are laser focused on providing the best consumer experience in the industry. Thank you for assisting us in our growth and growing together with us…we couldn’t have done it without you!