Healthy Hemp offers exclusive deals on hemp extract CBD oil capsules. CBD pills are a wonderful way to consume your hemp extract oil. We carry only the best in CBD capsule providers, including PlusCBD oil capsules and Charlotte’s Web hemp extract capsules.

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Hemp extract capsules contain an exact serving size of hemp extract that is optimal for precise oral ingestion. Capsules are a clear-cut and quick way of delivering hemp extract to your system.

With the hemp extract being contained in the capsules, it is a discrete method for on-the-go people and most ideal for those interested in a traditional way to distribute their hemp extract supplement throughout the body!


Having an exact serving size helps to promote noticeable and stable results. Taking a capsule ensures that you know the actual amount of hemp extract that’s going into your body. This is a lot different than taking a tincture, which often makes it hard to estimate a serving size. Also, capsules can steadily release and create more prolonged effectiveness. On average, a capsule will take 30 to 90 minutes to take effect and will last for 6 to 8 hours. Capsules are a feasible option for new customers, who may be wary of trying something new from all of the extensive options we offer. Plus, it’s the easiest option to take along with your daily vitamins!


We are committed to sourcing our products from companies that are devoted to providing the most comprehensive visibility about the contents of their hemp extract products. To guarantee this, we require all of our brands to obtain Certification of Analysis (COA) for each of their products. COAs examine the accuracy and healthiness of the ingredients, to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want and avoiding what you don’t. Because of our Healthy Hemp vetting process, you can rest assured that the products at Healthy Hemp are the best quality possible.

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