How Much CBD Should I Take?

 The appropriate dosage of Cannabidiol, or CBD, is something of a complex topic. At present, there are no studies of a scientific nature that definitively answer how much an individual should take. There are, however, plenty of guidelines that should serve to help those who want to gain the maximum benefit from Cannabidiol without excessive use.

Labels required by the FDA on Cannabidiol hemp oil products that are regarded as food supplements can be misleading. These labels require a manufacturer to recommend a specific dosage, but these recommendations are often subjective and little more than an obligatory attempt to satisfy FDA regulations.

Most manufacturers of CBD-infused products agree that milligrams are the best measurement to define appropriate dosage. An effective range of use would typically fall somewhere in the range of 4mg-30mg per day, but each individual will need to experiment with the level to determine at which point significant benefits are realized. There is one plus where Cannabidiol is concerned. No studies exists at this time which indicate that a person can take too much. Still, it is important to make informed choices and determine, through a process of experimentation, how much Cannabidiol is required to produce the desired results.

It is likely that factors such as body weight and severity of a medical condition impact how much CBD should be taken. A good starting point would be taking between 4mg and 10 mg per day. Some recommend taking this initial dose twice per day, in the morning and in the evening. This should be continued for a period of three to four days to allow the compound to build up in the system. Those who take Cannabidiol should monitor the levels of relief at these dosage levels and then adjust up or down to find the precise dosage at which comfort is achieved. Keeping a journal of usage can be a helpful way to determine the proper amount.

Many factors play a part in how much CBD should be taken, and the state of the research on the medical properties of the cannabinoid at this point necessitate some trial-and-error to determine effective dosage.

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