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This means that some companies are more concerned with cashing-in than providing top quality products that truly help customers. It’s really important that you do your homework on hemp. We did a lot of research before starting Healthy Hemp! We only wanted to work with companies creating products in the best interest of their customers – it’s why we’ve partnered withCharlotte’s Web Hemp Extract and PlusCBDOil.hemp blog and information

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    research, cbd, anxiety and depressionHealthy Hemp’s done the homework for you this week. The peeps behind PlusCBDOil are taking time to really examine how CBD oil can influence your endocannabinoid system and what that means for anxiety and depression. In this article, The Endocannabinoid System and CBD’s Role in Stress, Anxiety, and Fear Responses, the authors talk about several studies and how CBD is reducing the fight or flight response and other fear-based responses in both mice and humans in clinical trials. about the endocannabinoid systemNeed more info? Read this article from Herb. Learn about the role the human Endocannabinoid System plays in our nervous systems. And, hear how former UFC pro Bas Rutten is using CBD for physical and emotional pain. healthy hemp loves their customersSticking with this brand “I was surprised to notice that it lessened my pain and helped a little with anxiety. It wasn’t a super miracle that wiped out all pain and ailments but it certainly did make it manageable. I noticed the pain in my knees lessened to where I didn’t want to scream after bending down. I do think I could use a higher dose and so ill be trying the 500mg next. I did try another brand of CBD oil and it certainly didn’t compare as far as taste as well as benefits and seemed too chemically. Blah! I’ll stick with this brand!”   -Deanna Finally relief from stabbing pain! “The 35 mg. CBD capsules that I bought from you have helped greatly with my osteoarthritis! It has also lessened the pain from fibromyalgia on really bad days, and has eliminated it on regular days. I can’t thank you enough! I will definitely be a regular customer! Plus, I have to say your staff and service are friendly, knowledgeable, informative, and the delivery is very fast. Thank you just doesn’t seem to say enough. But, THANK YOU!!”  -Jane Even the Skeptic loves it! “I’ve noticed a huge change in my anxiety and lack of sleep. I’m finally sleeping through the night and it’s wonderful. I’ve also been able to manage my pain from a fall down wet stairs followed by a car accident two weeks later without any pain medications. Even my husband, who was a bit skeptical and hasn’t used the oil over the last few weeks, plans to start using it again after not sleeping so well again and his anxiety has kicked up again. Hint for using the mint flavored…. Follow it with some chocolate milk! We use the dark chocolate almond milk. So good!”  -Angela

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