Healthy Hemp Helping Families: Nancy Russo

But, that’s not all.“That week, they were checking my aorta and they found lung cancer. Talk about a kick in the pants,” Nancy explains. Her spectrum of conditions are so vast she has to explain them to doctors.Nancy was an outdoor lover! Hiking, jet sking, boating, and gardening. But, as her EDS got worse, she found herself missing outings with her family and heading to the ER. “There are days when you truly cannot get out of bed because you know once those feet hit the floor, the pain goes from toes all the way up the spine.” Allergies and malabsorption rendered pain medications useless. Anxiety, insomnia, and loss appetite compounded Nancy’s health issues until she was in organ failure two years ago.“I was a bit surprised. Most doctors think that’s taboo saying, ‘Oh all our chemical medications will fix you’ kind of attitude.” Nancy ended up trying 2 different brands of CBD while living in California. She slept better and saw a difference in her joint pain. The true test-she could push a shopping cart again.Nancy + Healthy Hemp = Back in Action Nancy found Healthy Hemp while searching online for Charlotte’s Web. She noticed a quick change in her tremors, headaches, joint pain, and sleep. And, she’s back in action, playing with her grandkids.Nancy’s doctors noticed a difference!And, some friends have tried CBD with good results. “I have always believed God put these plants on the earth for our healing…The staff at Healthy Hemp are incredible. Always polite and very helpful on product information.  Tyler has been wonderful and I am very grateful for Healthy Hemp and CW for helping me live a little better.Nancy was a lucky winner of our Healthy Hemp phone accessory giveaway. We NEVER thought these fun phone accessories would actually help people, but Nancy has a hard time holding onto items like her phone. Thanks to the phone accessory, she’s got a grip again! Even her doctor noticed and got himself a Healthy Hemp one too!We can’t guarantee results like Nancy has experienced. But, we can share with you what other customers are saying about how much they love using Healthy Hemp products. Our customers are our number one resource!Since we are the distributors of these trusted products, we are very limited in what we can say and recommend. Fortunately for us, WE HAVE YOU! We use your input on a daily business to spread the word and continue on our mission to break negative stigmas about hemp products and the hemp industry.Great Service “As a repeat customer l appreciate the great service and fast shipping. Calls made to them were extremely helpful in deciding exactly which product to purchase. None better as far as l’m concerned.”     -Patrick R.CW HEMP + EXTRA LOVE “I was able to completely stop taking my epilepsy Rx thanks to CW Hemp+ Extra! It also helps with my chronic pain, migraines & anxiety! I can’t thank HealthyHemp enough!!!  I’m a Healthy Hemp customer for life!”     -Shannon D.CW Topical Gel Pen  Best topical pain reliever ever “I can’t tell you how many different topical pain creams to help my chronic pain but I can tell you that this will be the last. I will NEVER not have this stuff again; it’s too good. I have a bone disease that has made my joints basically fuse themselves and that has made pain control so difficult. I’m still on narcotics for overall functionality but CW and this particular product, has changed my life for good! I will say though, it would be great if the tube was clear and there was a dial so that you could tell when you’re getting low and need to reorder. It’s next to impossible to tell how much is left with the opaque plastic. But that is literally the only downside of this product. Thank you CW!!!”     -Annie G.+CBDoil Balm, A Game changer    “I’m a dental hygienist with chronic shoulder pain, my husband has chronic shoulder pain from an injury as well. I’ve tried it all. Cortisone shots, therapy, regular massage, acupuncture. This balm changed our lives. We couldn’t believe how fast this balm worked at relieving our pain. Serious game changer. We are now lifetime users will not leave home without it!”     -Sarah

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