Healthy Hemp Helping Families: Baby James

Below is a story from Renee, a loyal Healthy Hemp customer and recently reached out to us on Facebook. Her beautiful infant son, James, was suffering from seizures and in hospice care. She says it’s thanks to CW Hemp that he’s now “a vibrant, happy guy!”“James Micheal Anthony Freed was born via C Section on January 16th, 2017 and wasn’t expected to take a breath or live very long even if he did. James has never done “what’s expected”. James has been diagnosed with several congenital brain malformations Holoprosencephaly (HPE), severe hydrocephaly (his head measured 19 inches at birth), Schizencephaly, and epilepsy. He had one other diagnosis which has since been changed thankfully. With HPE 96% of children are stillborn or don’t take a breath, only 3% make it to 6 months, and 1% to a year. With all these conditions they guaranteed us there was no hope.Fast forward…James took his breath and kept breathing, went through shunt placement like a champ, but as the fluid came off he began to seize. One of the first things I asked about was Charlotte’s web oil. I had read an article and seen an interview years before about Charlotte Figi and the oil that saved her. Unfortunately, at that time here in Indiana it wasn’t legal the doctors told me. So another doctor, a Neurologist, put us on a drug and sent us home on hospice. James has always been a fighter but, as the fluid came off and his temperature controlled, sight and hearing became better, but the seizures became worse. He would seize for hours barely coming out before going into it again. I called the neurologist thinking he would want to see him, but he would just up the meds he had put him on. He had decided James was a lost cause and wasn’t going to help. I’m not being cynical either… he told me he wasn’t going to try new meds or really control James seizures. He was just making him comfortable until he passed away…That was the last straw if no one was going to help my baby I would. Miraculously, the hemp act passed and I could purchase Charlotte’s Web legally. I searched online to find a reputable seller, and came across Healthy Hemp. I went to their frequently asked questions and their information pages and was impressed this was exactly what I was looking for. Our hospice nurse said go for it, can’t hurt. Our order came quickly and the day it came in we started giving it to him. I’d searched dosing charts for infants online (I found a chart from a letter sent to doctors in a state that has legalized prescribed medical used on children) and as his weight has increased we have upped the amount in small increments.(Renee gives James CW Hemp Everyday Olive Oil drops) Within days of starting him on the oil, the seizures became less frequent and significantly shorter (this has continued as he’s grown to the point that seizures are rare) his eyes were open more and he began to thrive. All of his doctors know, I’ve never hidden anything, but I have let them know that I won’t be taking him off it no matter what their opinion.James is 6 months old as of July 16th and shows no signs of dying anytime soon. In fact, he’s meeting milestones! About 3 weeks or so from starting the oil we were taken off hospice. James is happy, smart, funny and working hard to keep proving the doctors wrong. He interacts with his three older siblings and is a little bit spoiled. We just had a half birthday with him. I am beyond certain he would not be here without the hemp extracts… the seizures would have taken him.A lot of parents in our support groups are looking and are adding charlotte’s web not just for seizures but for muscle tone issues and agitation. I always recommend Healthy Hemp because I know it’s reputation and what they have done for us. Oh, and we fired that neurologist our new one thinks our choice of giving him Charlotte’s Web is great and supports our decision. If I had one piece of advice to share, it’s try it! Don’t listen to the people who call say it won’t help, do it and don’t let them talk you down.”  

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