Charlotte’s Web Oil

High quality Charlotte’s web hemp extract
What is Charlotte’s Web? Why?


Charlotte’s Web Oil was developed in Colorado by the six Stanley brothers in 2011 as an experiment. The plants are a crossbred strain of industrial hemp and marijuana specially created to have less tetrahydrocannabinol and more cannabidiol. Tetrahydrocannibinol or THC is the active ingredient that causes the “high” when marijuana is smoked or ingested. As the brothers were intrigued by the possibility that cannabidiol or CBD-rich medical marijuana might stop cancer metastasis, they desired to create a strain that would be helpful.

Charlotte’s Story

At first, the resulting plants were called “Hippie’s Disappointment” due to the fact that users cannot experience the typical high. However, the strain soon became known as Charlotte’s Web for a little girl suffering from Dravet Syndrome. The severity of the disorder commonly claims the lives of children before they reach adulthood. Charlotte Figi endured myoclonic seizures from the time she was an infant. Despite medications and traditional medical interventions, the child suffered hundreds of debilitating grand mal seizures weekly. By the age of five, Charlotte was confined to a wheelchair, unable to talk, walk or feed herself. She also had a no resuscitate order.

Her father, desperate to find help, stumbled upon a story of another child living with Dravet whose parents began a regimen of medical marijuana. The child’s seizures gradually diminished. The Figis decided medical marijuana was worth a try. Charlotte started a twice daily regimen of medical marijuana oil placed under her tongue or on her food. Her parents and physicians saw immediate improvement. However, once their supply dwindled, the Figis began a search for other sources of the CBD-rich fluid. They soon learned of the Stanley brothers.

Moved by Charlotte’s story, they began supplying the family with the beneficial oil that became known as Charlotte’s Web oil. Today, Charlotte is able to walk, talk and have a normal childhood thanks to the combination medical marijuana/hemp extract. Her story made national headlines, and her parents have shared the details on several CNN documentaries, Dateline NBC, 60 Minutes and other shows. Many now consider Charlotte a poster child for medical marijuana advocacy and legislators in many states are considering leniency on the subject.

Stanley Brothers Social Enterprises

The Stanley brothers farm and processing plant is far from being a drug-happy hippy haven. The facility houses a high-tech laboratory where approximately 20 chemists grow and maintain the plants in addition to extracting the chemical compounds that are then mixed with olive oil. Some have been previously employed by well-known pharmaceutical companies. When tested by an independent laboratory, Charlotte’s Web Oil proved to have approximately 0.3 percent THC. The THC in recreational marijuana averages around five percent. However, some specially bred strains have percentages of 20 and higher.

Due to the low THC content of Charlotte’s Web Oil, the product has been officially deemed an herbal supplement and can be sold or transported across state lines. The need for the substance by families with sick children created an unprecedented demand. Thousands were put on the program waiting list. However, in recent years, reputable growers obtained seeds from the Stanleys. Charlotte’s Web oil is now available in four Oregon cities, two Washington cities, British Columbia, California and Michigan.

Many medical professionals believe that the research is lacking concerning the benefits of medical marijuana and the substance’s effects on children. The Stanleys welcome the research and are more than willing to cooperate in further testing and studies.

The Cannabis sativa L. strain bears flowers that have a distinctive pine aroma. Charlotte’s Web Oil is used to alleviate chronic pain, anxiety, depression, fatigue, muscle spasms and stress. Common side effects include dizziness and headache.

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