Charlotte’s Web Oil by the Stanley Brothers

Since ancient times, people who have seizures suffer tremendously. Apart from the physical pain of a seizure, there is the worry of their lives suddenly being interrupted. They can’t predict when and where an uncontrollable seizure could occur. This can actually be life-threatening as they could have a seizure in a car or street or near water or other risky environments. It is very dangerous as well as stressful and so it is necessary for seizures to be controlled.What is Charlotte’s Web? Charlotte’s Web is a Cannabis sativa L. product. Cannabis has been actively grown by people since early human history. Sativa has many Cannabidiols, which have been shown to be positive for stopping seizures. Sativa also has tremendous pain-relieving properties. It also helps relieve anxiety, depression and migraines and promotes healthy sleep. Charlotte’s Web is so-named because of a child named Charlotte who had Dravet syndrome. She had a high incidence of seizures, as many as fifty seizures a day when the experiment started. She was given Cannabis along with her regular seizure medication, which was not working well as she was still having fifty seizures daily. After being administered the Cannabis, her seizures reduced from fifty daily to two or three per month. The beneficial effect has lasted nearly two years and she has slowly stopped the regular seizures medications in favor of the Cannabis.Product Benefits and Reviews Charlotte’s Web by the Stanley brothershas an aroma of pine and citrus and provides effective pain relief without causing the person to feel “high.” In addition to how helpful it is for seizures, many of the product reviews state that the product provides relief from feelings of sadness or depression. Others state that it relieves the pain from their Osteoarthritis. At this time, the product is primarily available in Oregon, Arizona, California and Washington in the United States.