Ailments that Charlotte’s Web Oil can help

The use of medical marijuana is not some new sensation sweeping the globe. In fact, marijuana has been used for countless centuries as a means to relax, control seizures, and uplift the mood. Recently, the Realm of Caring Foundation, located in Colorado, USA, began producing a specific strain of cannabis, one that contained just the right amount of active ingredient for use as a natural medicine. This product is known as Charlotte’s Web Oil, and it is available as a medical treatment product wherever medical marijuana is allowed for sale and distribution.How This Product Can Help With Certain Ailments One of the reasons Charlotte’s Web Oil has become known internationally is the high-exposure story of a young girl named Charlotte, whose experience with the product was featured on U.S. national television. Diagnosed at age five with epilepsy caused by Dravet syndrome, Charlotte was prescribed medical marijuana. According to reports by medical professionals, her parents, and other investigators, her condition began to improve almost immediately.The founders of the Realm of Caring Foundation, the Stanley brothers, began to produce an even more effective extract than the one they offered to Charlotte’s family. Because of the web-like endings of the plant twigs and the way in which the leaves form clusters at the end, they decided to name the strain Charlotte’s Web. This was also partly in recognition of the girl who had already been given the extract on a regular basis. Today, Charlotte’s Web Oil is used to treat several differently diagnosed types of epilepsy.Specific Uses Of Medical Marijuana This strain has been advertised by the company to help people with the following ailments: cancer, epilepsy, glaucoma, muscle spasms, other types of seizures, and even the symptoms of AIDS. Although the scientific community remains divided on the long-term affects of cannabis extract and whether it can truly be called a healing mechanism rather than just a pain reliever, those who have used the liquid extract form generally report being more calm, in a better frame of mind, and more able to mentally cope with their medical condition.Seizures diagnosed as being caused by epilepsy are apparently treated in an effective manner through the use of Charlotte’s Web Oil. Children seem to be especially affected in a positive way. The Real of Caring Foundation has links to other online sites that are filled with testimonials and customer feedback. These stories are generally posted by parents of afflicted children.Dosage And Restrictions Of course, medical marijuana laws vary from one state to another. The strain produced by the Realm of Caring Foundation is bottled as an extract and contains a far less concentration of THC than any strain of recreational marijuana. In fact, the company’s oil contains concentrations equal to or less than 0.3 percent THC.